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24 June 2010 @ 10:33 am
Various things  
Gizmodo has a piece on a guy from Brooklyn who's created a working fusion reactor at home. Apparently he's part of the growing number of DIY fusion enthusiasts around the world. While it's unlikely they'll end up making any fundamental breakthroughs, perhaps they'll be able to investigate methods of making reactor construction more economical and efficient so that when commercial fusion becomes viable, it can be distributed as cheaply and widely as possible.

The Taxpayers' Alliance are understandably pissed off about the additional £1 billion being spent on a advertising/PR campaign for the 2012 Olympics. Seems pretty ludicrous to me, especially in a time where the government is trying to reduce frivolous expenditure. Then again, it's not like nobody was expecting the overall cost of the project to increase. It's fair to say that I was expecting it. The Olympics in general is a goddamn joke and I refuse to take any interest in the events themselves until athletes are allowed to use any technology they want to enhance themselves. The whole thing's tedious without chemically and mechanically augmented people running the 400m in three seconds and clearing the stadium in the high-jump.

On a related note, I was deeply disappointed to learn that the English team is going through to the next round in Nationalistic-Ball-Kicking-Fest 2010. If only they'd get it over with and lose, maybe people would be a little less zealous about their chanting and moron-horn blowing. That'd be nice, wouldn't it?
knirirr: pugilismknirirr on June 24th, 2010 10:42 am (UTC)
Unfortunately I must disagree with you on the matter of the Olympics; I still think it would be utterly tedious even with the enhancements you mention. I am in agreement concerning the other dull sporting event you mention, though.